Strength training is not something you dabble in, you either dedicate yourself one hundred percent, and reap the rewards or you play around and you do not achieve your goals for building a better body.

Build A Better Body Image

The whole purpose of strength training is to gain physical strength from head to toe. Every part of the body benefits when you work out. The goal of strength training is to build more power and a better body.

When you get involve with strength training, the end goal is build more power – and build a better body. Strength training gives you more muscle mass, it gets rid of body fat. You burn fat when you do strength training because you are using more calories as your output than you normally would.

This charge up your metabolism to a point where it stays revved. You increase the performance level of your body with strength-training exercises. In situations, that requires physical output; you have more endurance and improve overall health.

There is another side of strength training. Strength training is not a walk in the park; it distinguishes the professionals from the amateurs. If you keep at this, you gain stronger muscles and confidence. Proper strength training gives other nice results too. Speed and stamina are two of them.

Where To Start With Strength Training?

You may begin strength training at any age, but postponement is not an option, since aging often results in the loss of muscle, you either use it, or lose it. As you engage in strength training, you keep your muscles healthy and strong – regardless of your age.

Strength training is not limited to the men or fitness buffs, everyone benefits. The important thing is; just do it. Another important reason is; strength training exercises keeps your bones strong. Strong bones results from exercises that build strength.

Can You Build Muscle With Resistance Training?

There are many ways to do strength-training exercises. You have plenty of options. You either work out at home or hit the gym. People use weight machines in strength training. They help to build resistance.

Resistance is what builds muscle mass. Machine that gives you a full range of motion is better at building muscle with strength training. They work by isolating the muscle you target.

Whether you are at home or at the gym, check out the curl machine. This machine is mean to build powerful biceps because of the angle, or the resistance level place on the muscles while in motion. You choose the weight of preference, and as you extend your arm, the goal is to keep the weight from dropping all the way.

Free Weight Or Machines Exercises

dumbbellsSome people favor free weights to machines. Barbells use in strength training are popular, they are effective to build muscle, but you need to know the exercises that are best for hitting the targeted muscles.

You have to do specific exercises for the different muscle group. For example, if you wanted to target your leg muscles, you would look at exercises such as squats or lunges.

For the squat, put the barbell across your shoulders and using your leg muscles, you slowly lower and raise yourself from a squatting position. If you do lunges, place the barbell on your shoulders and step forward with one leg at a 90-degree angle while the other leg stay in the fix position for balance.

Body Weight Training For Strength

Body weight exercises are a big part of strength training. With these exercises, you use the weight of your body as resistance rather than using machines or any exercise apparatuses.

Such exercises include pull-ups, push-ups, sit-ups and abdominal. The key to success is in the repetition of the exercises you do in strength training. This is how you build stamina. Resistance should be at the point, where you complete the end of the repetitions you set for yourself, and you find it hard to keep going. Each time you complete a set of exercises and feel your muscles can take more, increase the duration of your workout.

When Do You See Results From Strength Training?

People assume strength training will take months of hard work before they see any real results; this is not true. With strength training, you see results in roughly ten to fourteen days. Occasionally, results occurs even sooner. The initial result is noticeable in increase energy and strength. You will experience quick fat burn and toned muscles that appear more carved.

Effectively Track And Measure Your Training Progress

When you strength train, the goal is to increase muscle. When you increase muscle mass, you show a rise in the numbers on a scale. Gaining muscle means you experience fat loss, your muscle mass increases and your fat lessens.

It is easy to step onto a scale and see only discouragement. A scale is not an accurate portrayal of muscle growth and should not be use unless you are specifically monitoring weight loss. Instead, you should use other methods or a combination to track your progress.

One way is the amount of repetitions you do versus where you started in your journey. Duration is another method. If you did five repetitions with difficulty when you started, but now do twenty without the difficulty, is another way to measure the progress of your muscles. An additional way is, find your body fat composition. Between 7-10% is good, but under 10 is better. To figure out your muscle mass, you need to first figure out your body fat level.

You figure out your body fat by measuring with a handy tool called a caliper. This device measures your body fat where your skin folds. Once you determine your body fat, take that reading and multiply by your current weight.

Someone who weighs 200 pounds and gets a 10% fat reading would carry 20 pounds of fat. To figure out muscle gain, do this before you begin your routines, measure your weight and body fat. After a period of strength training, subtract your current weight and body fat. That tells you the amount of muscle you gained.

You may use a tape measure to measure your body for muscle growth. You measure your biceps, chest, legs, etc. The increase in inches is the gain in muscle growth.

Before And After Pictures Of Strength Training

You can use before, during and after pictures to check the progress of your muscle growth. Check your progress often; you will see improvement on the measuring tape before you will notice it in the mirror.

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