In terms of popularity, Dianabol has to be top of the all-time anabolic steroid league. It was the first ever oral steroid, and through the 1950’s, 60’s, the ‘Golden Age of the 70’s, and into the current day its power and draw at the top of this league shows no signs of waning.

There Must Be Something To It

You do not get any product or formula that hangs around for 60+ years without it doing what it claims to. Dbol, as it is commonly known makes simple claims. Those claims are that it offers you pure strength and size benefits, and when effectively and correctly stacked it really is hard to find a better combination steroid team.

Simple Compound, Simply Effective

The beauty of this steroid is that it is a simple compound, and this is what makes it the best in terms of milligram for milligram potency.

There is a fairly widespread misconception that Anadrol is stronger than Dbol. Sorry folks, but this is just not true. If you intend to compare the two then please do so on a like for like, i.e. milligram for milligram basis. This will quickly confirm Dbol is the stronger.

The reason so many gym enthusiasts assume Anadrol is stronger is because far larger doses of it are used.

Benefits To Be Gained

We will explain the benefits you can expect from the use of Dianabol, and also mention what you need to do in order to feel the full force of its power.

Muscle Growth And Definition

DianabolIt has an excellent ability to help grow and define your muscles, and is really effective when it comes to keeping and maintaining your muscle mass.

It can also help to promote bulk, but it will not do this as effectively without you making some serious changes to your exercise regimen and your diet.

By combining Dbol with the correct protein and diet intake you will quickly realize the value it has for your body.

Protein Benefits

Dbol works to change the complexion and synthesis of protein. While it is common knowledge that this is a major trait of anabolic steroids, it could be argued that this one does it as effectively, if not more effectively than any of the others out there.

Nitrogen Benefits

You will find an excellent balance of nitrogen. This is because of its nitrogen retention capabilities. This is yet another vital trait when it comes to keeping those muscles in a healthy state and your body anabolic.

Calcium Benefits

Dbol will add calcium to your bones, and work to strengthen areas of your body which are prone to muscle degeneration.

How Can You Get Maximum Benefits From Its Use?

If you are to reap the full benefits of Dbol then you need a punishing workout schedule, those weight targets will need to be raised, and you should keep on the move. Dianabol requires a good deal of muscle activity and striations from you if it is to work at its best.

Side Effects – Understand Them And Understand The Ways To Minimize Them

There is often a lot made of the side effects you are exposing yourself to when deciding to use anabolic steroids. Anyone who dismisses them is misinformed, and anyone who shouts about the severity of them from the highest rooftop is equally mistaken.

The plain truth is that you must be aware of possible side effects BEFORE you begin to use steroids, and just as importantly, you need to be aware of exactly what you should be doing to minimize such effects, and ensure that your body functions naturally after you have used them.

There are 5 major Dianabol side-effects which are often mentioned. Let’s consider a few facts:

Here are the five side effects which are most commonly associated with the use of this steroid; Gynecomastia; High Blood Pressure; High LDL Cholesterol; Low HDL Cholesterol, and excess water retention.

You must understand that it is necessary to be fit and healthy before you even consider Dbol. If you are not then leave it alone or you are inviting trouble. We will get high blood pressure and high cholesterol issues out of the way first because if you suffer from either of these then leave anabolic steroids alone.


More commonly known as high blood pressure, this is something you must keep an eye on, and while using this steroid make sure you regularly have your blood pressure checked. It is also possible to buy home testing kits if you are looking for a ‘belt and braces’ method of regularly checking your blood pressure.

This anabolic steroid pertains to blood pressure, so if you find any problems with your blood pressure before you are ready to start using it, there is a simple solution: Do not even think about it!

High Cholesterol

The same applies to high levels of cholesterol. If your cholesterol levels are already high this steroid, or any other for that matter, should be self-sentenced in terms of making it out of bounds!

Those with healthy cholesterol levels should note the readings before starting a course and keep a record of how they fluctuate during your usage.

Estrogen Build-Up – The Number 1 Cause Of Problems

You will build up estrogen when using Dianabol. This is because of the aromatase process. So, we know what the problem is – this means you can be proactive.

To combat the aromatizing effect you should supplement with an Aromatase Inhibitor. The description says it all. It inhibits the aromatase process, thus controlling the build-up of estrogen in your body.

The spin off benefit is that such an inhibitor will also help to reduce your total bodily estrogen content.

We Shouldn’t Need To Say It But We Will!

The other sensible precaution you can take to minimize the Dbol effects is to ensure you are living a lifestyle which is healthy. Its not rocket science. If you are to maintain correct blood pressure and healthy levels of cholesterol then you need to be eating correctly.

Cut out the junk food, it does you no good at all, go for healthy fats, fish and other foods containing omega-3 fatty acids, and keep off the booze. The only thing regular or excess drinking will bring to the table is unnecessary stress on your body.

Replace the alcohol with plenty of water. It will do you the power of good.

Common Sense And Forward Planning

When you decide to use Dianabol you are taking an important step, and the potential benefits are massive. Be sensible, be educated, and you will receive more from it than you can imagine.

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